Galway Races Visitor Guide

Galway Festival Visitor Guide

Galway Visitor GuideFor Galway Festival visitors, Galway City has been rich in culture since medieval days. It boasts its own highly regarded University and is a city renowned for its love of the arts. The Galway 2009 guide tells you that the City sits a mere 3 miles form the Ballybrit racecourse, the home to the Galway races. The City has undergone an unprecedented revival over the last few years and now has plenty of lively pubs, restaurants, and fabulous shopping areas. It is said that Galway is the liveliest City in Ireland outside of Dublin, but is probably a far more relaxed. It is famous not only for its races but also for its Theatre, Arts, Music and culture and also plays host to several top class music festivals each year. Trips to the Aran Islands can be made from the beautiful Galway harbour. The Galway Festival History too is long and fascinating one.

Across the River Corrib into Claddagh, you can visit the birthplace of the now famous Claddagh Ring. If visiting the City to attend the Galway races it is essential to book accommodation early. The City has plenty of accommodation options that mostly can be found online.

Most of the visitors will be coming for the Galway Festival of course with its unique atmosphere, quality racing, top trainers, Galway Festival free bets and a whole mulititude of the legendary Galway Festival tips.